Shellharbour City Hub


  • Client: Lacoste + Stevenson
  • Project Type: Cultural Center
  • Budget: $43m
  • Start Date: September 2013
  • Estimated Completion Date: Mid 2017
  • Location: Shellharbour, NSW
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DesignInc Sydney (in association with Lacoste + Stevenson) have been commissioned to design the new Shellharbour City Hub Stage 1 Civic and Cultural building for Shellharbour City Council. The new hub building will provide the community a cultural heart for the Shellharbour City Centre. The project has a total floor area of 14,000m2 and includes a new state of the art Library, Museum, 350 seat Auditorium, Council Administrative Offices, Council Chambers and parking.

Having prior experience using dRofus on major Defence and Healthcare Infrastructure projects, DesignInc selected to implement dRofus for the Shellharbour City Hub project to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide a centralise database for the Design Team to capture Brief and User requirements.
  • Track the Program through Design phase milestones.


  • Track the Program through Design phase milestones.Record vast quantities of FF&E and validate against Architectural and Services BIM Models.
  • Capture Finishes and services requirements.

For several of the Design Team members, this was their first project using drofus and were surprised by how user friendly Drofus was to operate. Through the use of the intuitive Dynamic GUI interface both DesignInc Sydney Lacoste + Stevenson and Arup (providing Mechanical and Electrical services) were able to customise the setup to meet project deliverables. Furthermore, the use of the dRofus Room Templates allowed the Design Team to expedite the traditional manual task of creating Room Data Sheets capturing core room data, finishes, building services and FF&E requirements that were synchronised to align with BIM Models. 


dRofus has been a game-changer for DesignInc Sydney. dRofus has been integrated as part of DesignInc Sydney’s core processes to streamline briefing and delivery phases. Through the remote cloud access, dRofus facilitates true collaboration amongst the Design Team. We could not have delivered the Shellharbour City Hub Project without it.

Ellis Lamond, Associate Director, DesignInc Sydney