API-64 WPF client demoing API call with JWT
DW-1558 Generalize Dyn-gui properties, enable writing article dyn-gui properties
DW-1566 Systems editable
DW-1568 Displaying/writing template occurrences
DW-1521 Better performance when edit properties


New features

DW-1542 Writing/viewing system core properties
DW-1518 Products editable
DW-1520 Occurrence data editable
DW-1541 tems core properties editable
API-65 Add parent id as an available attribute for item group
API-59 Enable writing simple room properties


New features

DW-1512 Only show relevant subs-as-properties even with empty fields hidden
DW-1460 Room Edit - including room names
API-59 Enable writing simple room properties
PB-3285 Make download document work with StreamBIM app


New features

API-58 Support generic log reading
DW-1515 Add a 'Clear cache'-option in Web uesr settings
API-53 Swagger: Authentication information


New features

DW-1479 Occurrence edit: Statuses limited to responsibility
DW-1480 Occurrence edit: existing quantity read only state
DW-1493 Occurrence edit: Read only show Responsibility
API-48 Give dRofus-look to APIs Swagger-ui
DW-1477 Improvements to occurrence property pane performance 
DW-1494 Support for Japanese and Chinese language
PB-3188 Subs is not showing on occurrence level in dRofus web
API-50 Add version-info to Swagger
DW-1466 Use HttpClientFactory for calling external APIs Improvement
API-53 Swagger: Authentication information