New features

[DROFUS-48242] - New Report and exports module

[DROFUS-21524] - Improve purchase excel exports
[DROFUS-45429] - Make new Excel export available for non-admin users
[PB-3184] - Edit Item data on existing equipment from "Items in room"
[PB-2306] - Classification in Room Reports
[PB-2931] - Dyn GUI date field value exports to excel as number (not date)

Bug fixes

[DROFUS-48582] - Crash in the purge occurrence in revit when using model segmentation with a different attribute than in core occurrence
[DROFUS-48693] - Show error message when sync ifc occurrences failes
[DROFUS-49351] - Export from excel in procurement fails...
[DROFUS-48805] - Crash when opening IFC4 file
[DROFUS-49034] - Crash when exporting color column to excel
[PB-2204] - Date GUI format Not Exporting Correct
[PB-2828] - Inconsistent Date Format from DynGUI Date Fields