The Sunshine Coast University & Teaching Hospital (SCUH) was the first dRofus and Graphisoft OpenBIM project within Australia.

SCUH was a $1.8 billion project by the Queensland Government and is the first new, non-replacement hospital in Australia in 20 years.

After more than four years of construction, planning and commissioning, the hospital officially opened in 2017 with 450 beds and plans to grow to 738 beds by 2021.

SCUH is a tertiary hospital servicing all parts of the Sunshine Coast and Gympie regions in Queensland, Australia.

Within the video, stakeholders from various disciplines have highlighted how the use of dRofus and Archicad were key to the success of the project.

These innovative software products enabled the delivery of accurate, co-ordinated documentation across all disciplines and created an OpenBIM environment where all users could work on the project simultaneously.

Many P3 projects experience challenges, but SCUH was delivered on time and on budget, by utilising dRofus & Archicad.

The interviewees include:

Ronald Hicks, National Director of Health @ HDR

Alessandro Filippi, Director @ HDR

Ross Tucker, Head of Strategy & Business Development @ Lendlease

Scott Beazley, Digital Technology Manager @ Mitchell Brandtman and

Ian Harris, Managing Director @ Redback Health.

SCUH has been awarded the National Award for Public Architecture, a prestigious award from the Australian Institute of Architects.

Watch the video now to learn more about SCUH and how dRofus & Archicad provided the winning formula for a project of this magnitude.