dRofus is the Gold Sponsor of this year’s Data Day Conference organised by RTC Events. The one-day event will be held on 8 August 2018 at the Union Station Hotel, St Louis, USA where the subject in focus is data in the AECO industry.

Within the conference, there will be discussions around the current state of data, key challenges the industry is facing, the various data management tools available and how data can be leveraged across different stages of the lifecycle of a building project.

If managing room data is a challenge to your projects, it is recommended that you attend the presentation on “Deconstructing Workflows for Room Data” by William Carney, BIM Director at BSA Lifestructures. He will highlight how the creation of room data sheets using our software can improve the overall design process. For more information, please visit http://www.rtcevents.com/blog/data-day-speaker-spotlight-william-carney-of-bsa-lifestructures/.

Envisaging that data-driven design will be the future of the industry, we are proud to be sponsoring the networking function to provide opportunities for industry experts to connect, discuss and share experiences with the management of data in building and construction.

To know more about dRofus, speak to one of our dRofus representatives at Data Day or read our interview with RTC Events here http://www.rtcevents.com/blog/data-day-2018-gold-sponsor-spotlight-drofus/.

For information about Data Day or to register, please visit www.rtcevents.com/dataday.