dRofus is pleased to announce the first BETA for the new 2.0 version. 

This version features big overall interface improvements, which continues the work started on the items interface in version 1.9 which features a new single page interface with ribbon controls and dock panes/windows. 

Some modules has not yet been ported to the new interface, some modules is included as old and will not be renewed in this version and some will come in later BETA versions and before the final release. Some old modules will also be completely removed in favor of new features.

There is also a lot of new features which has not been in any previous versions.

What's new

New user interface

  • Single page interface: No more multiple windows, easy switch between the modules from the navigation bar on the left.

  • Ribbon style menus: No more hidden features in right-click menus. Everything is clear and visible through the top ribbon menu.
  • Dockable interface: Flexible user interface for both simple and expert user. Create your own desktop by dragging the panes into a dock or onto a second monitor.

  • Support for multi byte languages / character sets. dRofus has no official support for any multi byte language yet but this is a first step towards that.

  • Interface support for different text size and screen resolution: 1.X versions of dRofus did not adjust according to text size setting in Windows. This works now.
  • Multi edit and multi functions on all entities: In the new interface we have made nearly all operations in the software multi selection-aware so you do not have to do all those repeatable tasks.

New features

  • Room classification and status. Rooms can now be classified according to multiple classification systems just like items. Status support is also included.
  • Advanced items permissionsNew advanced items permissions is implemented.
  • Merge items in room. You can copy an item list of a room for later merging them back together. This is useful if you are rebuilding a room where you want the original room to be preserved while it is in FM. (link)
  • Revit Family managment. dRofus can handle all your family object, wall, ceiling and materials etc. You can load objects into Revit and replace them on demand. 
  • Properties. Properties available in lists, exports and addins etc is vastly improved. You can now move through the whole hierarchy of entities and navigate to whichever parameter you want to get or show. The same set is available everywhere else, whether in sync with Revit or ArchiCAD or in lists or exports. The new composite attributes feature lets you combine information and expose them as a property. In 2.0 this is also now available for rooms
  • Lots of small new features and improvements

What's removed

Two modules have been replaced by similar features in new modules:

  • Old Finishes module is removed in favor of the new item based finishes — which was introduced in dRofus 1.9
  • The old TIDA module which was tailored for the Norwegian market will be replaced by the new systems module.

What's coming

There are some features that are not yet part of 2.0 but will be before it will replace 1.X as the stable version.

  • Existing equipment support is limited, you can not yet link existing equipment within the items in room window
  • IFC support in the room and template perspective is missing. We will work on re-implementing a large part of the existing feature from the old version
  • Building program / Function program is not yet part of 2.0. The old or a new version will be in the final 2.0.