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Download the latest version of dRofus and install. Start dRofus and login by using the details you have received from us.

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Release notes for official and BETA versions of dRofus will be available soon after release. We encourage our users to notify us about bugs and suggested improvements of our software. Follow the link below to see complete release history of dRofus versions.

Release notes


dRofus is distributed as an executable installation file (ClickOnce) to be installed on each PC, or a network (MSI) installation for multiuser environments. The installation does not require administrator rights and the program can be installed within a directory the user has write access to, enabling future upgrades to be managed by the user (without IT department involvement). If you want to install the program centrally for users, please use the supplied MSI package.

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File Date Description

dRofus 1.11.9 (US mirror)

dRofus 1.11.9 (NO mirror)

dRofus 1.11.9 (AU mirror)

dRofus 1.11.9 (Auto mirror)


The latest stable version of dRofus. This is recommended for users who do have not dRofus centrally installed. Requires no special privileges on the PC and is updated automatically.

Choose the mirror closest to your location for quickest download and updates later.

BETA Versions

File Date Description

dRofus 2.0.6 BETA


BETA version. This may contain defects and is intended for testing. If you have used a different mirror before, please uninstall before using this link

MSI Versions

File Date Description

dRofus 1.11.9 MSI (US mirror)

dRofus 1.11.9 MSI (NO mirror)

dRofus 1.11.9 MSI (AU mirror)


This installation is intended for installation by an IT manager in multi-user environments.

Older Versions

File Date Description

dRofus 1.10.19 MSI


MSI version of dRofus 1.10

dRofus 1.9.33 MSI (US mirror)

dRofus 1.9.33 MSI (NO mirror)

dRofus 1.9.33 MSI (AU mirror)


MSI version of dRofus 1.9

dRofus 1.8.16 MSI (US mirror)

dRofus 1.8.16 MSI (NO mirror)

dRofus 1.8.16 MSI (AU mirror)


MSI version of dRofus 1.8

dRofus 1.7 MSI (NO mirror)

dRofus 1.6 MSI (NO mirror)

2016-09-02 Older versions of dRofus