As 1.9 has been in BETA for a while we are happy to announce that is available for all our users.

New Item Interface

The most striking visual change will become apparent when opening the Item overview. With 1.9 comes a ribbon based interface where all options for items, occurrences and more will be highlighted in a ribbon menu. The new Items overview will also introduce new features like products and classifications as well as improved workflow for working with documents and companies. The new items overview is customizable in the sense that the users can define what information to display. In total the new item overview should provide a more efficient interface for working with items in your project.

Item overview resources:

dRofus is an advanced tool for managing vast amount of project data across domains and disciplines. New features are frequently added which also set requirements for how we design the software to make it intuitive for our users. 1.9 will mark a shift in design, but we are not done yet. We will continue to work to improve the graphical interface to give our users the best user experience as possible.

New System module

1.9 includes a new module for working with Systems and Components. The main idea of the System module is to better support both planning and design of systems and components in BIM projects, and to simplify the documentation process when handing over “as-built” documentation in projects. We are moving towards supporting the MEP engeneering as we do for the architects and we are happy to see that several customers already have started to implement systems in their projects.

Systems resources:

New Userguide format

With the release of 1.9 we will also release our wiki site where you can find all userguides in all available languages. The new documentation will make it easier for our users to find the specific chapters and sections instead of browsing through a PDF document.

dRofus 1.9 has a lot more to offer. Check out the complete release notes and subscribe for future releases from