We are happy to announce that dRofus 1.10 is now available for all our users!

dRofus 1.10 is a nice mixture of user requests and innovating new features. 1.10 supplements 1.9 in adding several new features to the item interface as well as additional features for products, occurrences, systems, images and documents.

One specific area of focus has been to improve how dRofus deals with hyperlinks. Several of our users have requested better support for linking to external resources and they have been heard. With 1.10 we have included two major updates in this area:

  • All URLS’s in text fields for Items, Occurrences, Products, Systems and Components will automatically turn into hyperlinks.
  • Composite text. Concatenate existing dRofus fields together, and combine dRofus field values with static texts and/or separators to build dynamic URL’s to external databases or e.g. product data online.

Another area of focus has been to manage data on a higher level with the implementation of Statuses, to track work processes for your project. Together with the soon coming new version of the dRofus-web, Status will a valuable tool for project managers and other stakeholders to keep all building elements organized and on time for different milestones and deliveries.

We would also like to thank our growing number of dedicated users! Your feedback makes us better!



Do you need to organize your specification process of items better? Or do you need to track your milestones with due dates? With the new status feature in 1.10 you can add statuses to items, occurrences, products or systems to keep an overview of where in a work process each is placed.


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Composite text

In 1.10 working with hyperlinks has been significantly improved. All text fields in dRofus that have a valid URL will automatically turn into a hyperlink. Another feature that allows you to create URL's in dRofus is something we have called composite text. Composite text can be used for both concatenating dRofus fields together and dynamically create hyperlinks based on one static and one dynamic part of an URL. This feature opens several new possibilities to view dRofus field values and create links to online resources and links to external databases.  

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dRofus 1.10 has a lot more to offer. Check out the complete release notes and subscribe for future releases from http://www.drofus.no/en/download/release-notes/.